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Construction Hoist Cage

The Cage ist a main part of Construction Hoist.

The main structure of our elevator cage is made of high-quality steel material, and the baffle plate is made of aluminum alloy plate, which reduces the weight of the cage and is more beautiful.

The construction hoist cage is mainly used in two sizes: 3.2m*1.5m*2.5m and 3m*1.3m*2.5m. Thoes sizes are perfectly fit the 40-foot high container, which does not require the use of open top container for transportation, saving transportation costs for customers.

The construction hoist cage is of steel structure, and operates along the mast under the force of roller, with entrance and exit doors. The construction hoist cage entrance and exit doors are of vertical drawing doors.

Dodge door is on the top of cage, you can easily climb to the cage top for installation and maintenance through special ladder, and cage top can be served as working platform during installation and disassembly and is surrounded by cage top guard rail.

There is electrical interlocking device on the cage, and the cage will stop running when cage door is open to ensure personnel safety in the cage.

There are 14 guide rollers running along the mast on the construction hoist cage cage.

Construction Hoist cage


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