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Driving System

Driving System is a key part of SC Constrction Hoist.

1. Construction Hoist Driving System

The construction hoist drive system consists of drive body and drive unit. Drive body is the component that connects transmission gear into integral structure, and passes the driving force from drive unit to the cage to make it run up and down.Grade 8.8 high strength bolts are used to connect drive body and drive unit.

Drive unit is power section for construction hoist operation, the unit is supplied by 3 sets of power source which work at the same time, work together to drive the construction hoist self-weight part and cage load (construction personnel) to run up and down.

Drive unit consists of drive gear, reducer, coupler (quincunx elastic component), motor (with brake).

Reducer is hollow flank worm units, with the characteristics of compact structure, high bearing capacity, high mechanical efficiency, long service life, stable operation and etc.

The coupler is claw type, there are elastic component (polyurethane rubber) between the two couplers to reduce shock and vibration during operation.

The motor is YZEJ 132M-4 lifting disc brake three-phase asynchronous motor, whose brake electromagnet can realize automatic tracking along with the abrasion of brake disc, and braking torque is adjustable.

2. Construction Hoist Electric System

Electrical system is control port for construction hoist operation, and it controls all actions of construction hoist. Electrical system consists of electric control panel, power box, main control cable and various limit switches and etc.

3. Construction Hoist Safety device (fall arrest)

SAJ40-1. 2 safety fall arrest device is the product with national patent technique, adopting flail block engaging-in shockfree, brake band wearing capacity inspection without dismantling the machine and other advanced technologies. It can make the cage stop stably on the mast when the cage falls down with overspeed by accident, and cut off power supply to ensure personnel and equipment safety.

Safety fall arrest device excitation speed has been adjusted and sealed before delivery from the factory, the user is strictly prohibited to open the safety device without authorization.

Service life is on the nameplate of safety fall arrest device, service life is usually not more than one year. Submit the safety fall arrest device  back to manufacturer or testing organization for re-check and calibration after the expiration of service life. Service life of safety device is 5 years.

Safety device

4. Construction Hoist Limiting device

Limiting device includes upper and lower limit switch and proximity limit switch.

Cage upper and lower limit switches ensure that the power will be cut off automatically to make

construction hoist stop when the cage runs to the designated upper and lower positions.

Proximity limit switch ensures that main power will be cut off immediately when the cage continues operation after reaching upper and lower limit position as the failure of the limit switch, to stop the cage and ensure the cage moves upward without roof fall, and moves downward without hitting the bottom.

Proximity limit switch is not self-reset type, and it can reset only by manual operation. Frequently check position accuracy between all limiting devices to ensure correct action of the limit and proximity limit switches.

5. Construction Hoist Electric control panel

Electric control panel is the heart part of construction hoist electrical system, its inner includes upper and lower running contactor, control transformer, overheat protector, phase-failure and phase sequence keep relay and etc. Electric control panel is installed inside the cage.


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