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630kg suspended platform traction hoist
S type LTD8 hoist

Powered traction hoist

Traction hoist is key power unit of ZLP suspended platform, it consists by gearbox and motor. 

The LTD6.3, LTD5, LTD3 powered suspended platform traction hoist adopts the “α” sharp wire rope guide system, which is handy in design, simple in structure, light in weight and convenient in maintenance. It is mainly used for medium and low load transportation.

The LTD8, LTD10 suspended platform hoist adopts the "S" sharp wire rope guide system, which has large lifting force and stable operation, which is mainly used for heavy load transportation. Our company is currently one of the few professional suspended platform manufacturers in China that produce "S" structure. LTD3, LTD8 and LTD10 is our company's fist product.


1. Manual decent control for emergency

2. Upper limit switch

3. Overload protection device for optional

4. CE Approval and SII Approval

5. Passed the KONE's 750 hours endurance test with excellent result and was fulfulling KONE criteria's for installation hoist. 


For details, please visit: How to judge the quality of suspended platform?

Video on Suspended Platform Hoist: 

LTD traction hoist from 300kg to 1000kg, hoist motor, hoist winch

Parameter of LTD Hoist Motor/powered traction hoist

Parameter of Suspended Platform Hoist Motor/powered traction hoist

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