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parapet wall anchor

parapet clamp

Parapet Wall Anchor

Parapet clamp (a kind of suspension mechanism) is suited for constructions with parapet wall of sufficient strength and adequate height. It is consisted with front base, rear base, clamping unit and so on. Working wire rope and safety wire rope are fixed to the rear base, and hung through the suspension ends of the front bases. As installation, put the suspension mechanism across the parapet wall, and adapt the rear base to the wall of certain thickness. (Notice: before using of such suspension mechanism, you must check whether the strength of parapet wall can afford the load distributed on it by the suspension mechanism.)

Parapet wall anchor for ZLP630 suspended platform

Parapet wall anchor for ZLP800 suspended platform

Parapet Clamper/parapet wall anchor Installation Video:

suspension mechanism and counter weight, suspended platform roof part

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